What We Do 

The digital revolution sweeping the economic landscape presents different challenges and opportunities in each industry and for individual organizations. Preparing for transformation requires clarity in two areas: the scope, depth, and size of the change needed to realize the enterprise targets, and an assessment of the culture, capacity, leadership, models, and tools of the organization.

Going beyond the tactical application of information technology solutions in favour of a holistic view of enterprise-wide business reinvention is what Enginess does. Our suite of services is focused on a singular purpose: to connect organizations from top to bottom and enable them to optimize their operational processes, improve user experience, achieve market differentiation, increase revenue, and create innovative new offerings, and in the process, redefining how value is created in their sector. 


Why digitize? is the question that defines the digitization agenda and it is the starting point of all transformation programs.

Asking "Why?"

“Why digitize?” is the question that defines the digitization agenda and it is the starting point of all transformation programs. As some industries face more pressing challenges than others, organizations need to be clear on the justification for change and in making the case for transformation. Enginess considers prevailing and emerging market factors that are (or may be) disrupting our clients legacy business, and the emerging new business models or platforms that are feeding these market forces.

Flexibility and Scalability

Digitally transforming one’s business can seem like an overwhelming task. It is wise to frame it less in terms of transforming the entire enterprise and to approach instead as progressively digitizing key business functions within it. The cumulative effect of a well-managed and consistent digitization program will, in a relatively short time, accrue to a full business transformation that will impact the entire value chain of the organization.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

We undertake a thorough review of our clients’ industry’s key metrics, of their competitors, and of their own organization’s performance against these. Equipped with a clear understanding of those and a full grasp of the market context and of the managerial, operational and technological legacy processes, systems and issues, we go to work on recommending the right strategies and IT solutions to help them achieve their main business objectives. An organization’s digitization program may focus on a variety of core business areas, and Enginess analyzes each area intensively to create a roadmap for development and implementation that reflects our clients’ priorities.

Business Modeling and Planning

Having identified the organization’s key priorities and objectives, we confirm the program’s goals and the metrics that will be used to monitor the progress and success of the organization’s transformation into a digitally-led enterprise. We also ensure that the emerging new business model and the newly-created digitized operational processes will be supported by dependable management systems and sustained by consistent frontline work procedures and processes.

Conducting Process and Culture Mapping

Many of our ‘digital transformation’ engagements are really de facto business transformation programs that impact how a company operates. Therefore, for a digitization program to succeed, a change in organizational processes, behaviour and culture is likely required. While our solutions are often customized around an organization’s offline processes and workflow, it is ultimately necessary to work with the company through change management to ensure that its digital technology investment is aligned with its management and corporate culture.

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Enginess has been providing enterprise-wide digital process reengineering and scalable web-based and mobility applications.

Enabling Connectivity

The starting point for any initiative Enginess undertakes is the development of a digital ecosystem where staff, customers and the company are connected seamlessly to each other and to data that flows freely and securely between them. The result is a more productive, contented and mobile workforce, a more engaged and satisfied customer base, a boost in productivity, collaboration and data consistency up and down the organization, and an improved and more uniform user experience all around.

Platform Integration

Integrating legacy processes and technologies into new digital platforms enables data to flow easily and securely across all functions to optimize efficiency, minimizing delays and eliminating redundancies, labour and waste, and generate the insights and competitive intelligence necessary to optimize revenue and business outcomes. Fully integrated, the right technology platforms ‒ technical and commercial – and the information flow they enable, promote innovation and the collaboration capability required for a successful digital reengineering program.


Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ unique business digitization priorities. Our enterprise application services are designed to help our customers with their business operations, including content management, workflow optimization, mobile requirements and digital marketing.

Our pragmatic and thorough approach delivers the solutions and systems that meet our clients’ business needs and help them understand and optimize their business operations, integrate new acquisitions, launch new business projects, achieve regulatory compliance and manage service level agreements.

Customer Centricity

Enginess’ approach places the customer at the center of the digitization programs strategy. Our solutions anticipate user needs and our team of usability experts ensures that our programs provide customers and users an optimal and engaging experience. Each step in our planning, specification process, execution, delivery and support, allows for full validation of client organizations’ key business drivers. We offer a number of services that maximize return on technology investment, with customer centricity as our top criteria.

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Enginess provides a full-array of managed services whereby clients may outsource key responsibilities and functions.

Managed Services

Enginess provides a full-array of managed services whereby clients may outsource key responsibilities and functions relating to their IT infrastructure requirements to us. These services are available based on flexible service-level and performance agreements.

Our managed services help ensure we can deliver enterprise-wide digital transformation programs and scalable business process digitization initiatives efficiently, while our review and quality assurance practices and support infrastructure guarantee that our platform solutions launch and operate free of issues and are delivered on time and on budget.

We also provide full-service hosting, technical support and maintenance solutions for all applications we develop with fully redundant cloud-based services.

Enterprise Intelligence

The Enginess business intelligence division provides the ongoing insights and research-based knowledge our clients need to remain on the leading edge of the highly dynamic and constantly evolving digital landscape, and retain the ability to adjust and/or scale their digital infrastructure to keep pace with breakthrough innovation coming from emerging new business models, while supporting their day-to-day steady-state activities.

Technical Support

Our customer service promise sets a high standard, but our support team routinely goes above and beyond it. Our help desk is open 24/7, but support contracts and service level agreements can be tailored for our clients based on their individual needs. Our support services infrastructure is designed to meet our clients’ evolving IT and business needs with flexible, responsive and timely responses to random events. Whatever the demands of their business, our team does not shy away from the challenge.

Enginess support services can be an effective extension of our clients’ own internal IT department with full stack support, all the way down.

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