Ultimate Insider’s Guide to
LCMS Selection, Implementation,
and Administration

We’re living through a shift of significant magnitude. COVID19, remote working/learning, AI, robotics, miniaturization, and extremely cheap computing power are coalescing into a world where machines will now do jobs currently done by people.

It means we see the reskilling of an entire generation as we collectively adapt to the fourth industrial revolution. And learning and development teams are going to be at the heart of this change. It’s only through ongoing corporate education efforts that businesses will be able to retain the talent and expertise they need to remain competitive. And it’s only by investing in the right tools and technologies that L&D teams will be ready to meet the challenge.

This eBook goes through everything you need to know about how to choose, implement, and administer an LMS, so you can keep up with the needs of your learners as they navigate the future of work.


What you'll learn

  • What an LMS Does and How It Works
  • The difference between an LCMS vs LMS
  • The Benefits of an LCMS
  • Corporate vs academic LMS
  • Relevant Technology Standards and Specifications
  • How to Select, Implement, and Operate an LMS, buy vs. build

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