Design Hub: A Design Team's Secret Weapon for Success

Posted / 09 August, 2022

Author / Enginess

Design Hub: A Design Team's Secret Weapon for Success

When things go right on a project, design teams are able to move quickly and efficiently through the process, coming out with a final product that exceeds expectations. However, when things don’t go as smoothly, teams may struggle to work together effectively and make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

However, when things don’t go as smoothly, teams may struggle to work together effectively and make decisions that lead to better outcomes. Designers often feel like they’re working in silos at some point on every project because of the way processes are typically set up. As a result, team collaboration is limited and team members may feel like they’re not being heard or understood by other members of their group. This article will give you five ways to leverage Adobe XD and the Design Hub feature to bring your design team together for more successful projects.

Come Together

A major benefit of using a Design Hub is having all team members working from the same design. When you have a common design to work from, the team can come together to share ideas, insights, and feedback without having to revisit the same design multiple times. This puts the focus on generating ideas, sharing insights, and collaborating with your team members, rather than on getting caught up in review meetings to clarify certain aspects of the design. Design Hub can be used for collaboration between designers and clients, between designers and developers, or between a team of designers working together on a project. Design Hub is especially helpful when working with clients to create a single source of truth that everyone can work from. This helps with the client’s ability to stay in the loop and keep track of the project’s progress. 

Synchronized Collaboration

Collaboration features allow teams to stay in sync while they’re designing. You can view your team members’ designs and comments directly within the same canvas, giving you the ability to work together with less back-and-forth. Additionally, when a teammate has made a comment on your design, you’ll be notified so that you can view their feedback and respond accordingly. This helps avoid situations in which a teammate leaves feedback on your design and you never see it, or vice versa. Sync is also a great way to keep track of the project’s design specifics at a glance.

Review Meeting Automation

Designed to be much more than just a place for people to share and view their designs. You can also add tasks and subtasks to the Design Hub and set them up to be automated. This allows you to create a workflow that can be followed by everyone on your team. For example, you could set up a workflow that starts with designers creating their initial design and ends with the client viewing and approving the design. Team members can be added as responsible for each task, and the workflow can prompt them to start the next step in the process. This helps avoid the team spending too much time in review meetings, and it keeps everyone on the same page and moving forward with the project.

Shortcuts and Automation

Design Hub has dozens of shortcuts that can help you to speed up your design process. There are even keyboard shortcuts that allow you to create comments in real time as you’re designing. While there are shortcuts for every feature within Design Hub, it’s important to understand which ones work best for your team. This will help keep your team using shortcuts instead of clicking around in menus, which could slow people down. Design Hub also has various automation features that can help teams work more efficiently, such as the ability to have context visibility follow your team members across all of their projects. This can help you to keep up with your team members’ progress and make sure that everyone is seeing the latest updates to their design.

Wrap Up

Design Hub is a powerful design tool that can help you to collaborate with your team members more effectively. It allows you to create a single source of truth in which everyone is able to view, comment on, and edit the design. This ability to see and comment on a single design makes it easier for the team to come together and share ideas, insights, and feedback. When everyone is working from the same design, it’s easier to stay in sync, and you can avoid getting stuck in review meetings. Design Hub can help you to communicate better, work more efficiently, and create better designs.

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