Summer Reading List (Part 1)

Posted / 10 June, 2016

Author / Enginess

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Our summer reading picks cover content marketing advice, in-depth product reviews, or the latest web design updates.

Our picks this summer run the gamut from personal blogs to online magazines, and we’ve got a little something for everyone on this list – whether you're after content marketing advice, in-depth product reviews, or the latest web design updates.

Here are the reads we’ll be bringing to the beach.

1. Boagworld


  Boagworld, written by web developer and user experience design veteran Paul Boag, offers up wisdom on a range of web and UX design related topics. You can sample from a wide collection of post topics, from accessibility, to web design, to content strategy, to frank software and product reviews. The content is honest and valuable, and Boag also walks his talk –  the blog is well designed and great to use.  

2. Men With Pens

men with pens

  Men With Pens is a great blog if you’re interested in content marketing, freelancing, writing, or building a better small business. The team of writers behind the blog are well-established players in the online marketing, copywriting and content creation game, and their blog reflects that. Expect advice on everything from small scale tips on improving your grammar, to comprehensive advice on overhauling your content marketing strategy.  

3. Typeform


  With post categories including human experience, inspiration, and inside stories, Typeform’s blog really reflects the company’s ‘A little more human’ tagline. The blog emphasizes Typeform’s commitment to the ‘human’ side of the user experience. If you’re looking for insights and inspiration for implementing your big ideas, connecting with your audience, or putting user experience front and centre in a more human way, you’ll find the perspective on this blog interesting and valuable.  

4. Velocity Partners

velocity partners

  If B2B content marketing is your thing, you’ll definitely want to dive in to Velocity Partners’ blog. They promise “fresh, fragrant insights from the actual front lines of B2B content marketing”, and their posts don’t disappoint. If you want some actionable, no-B.S. B2B marketing insights, they’ve got them, in addition to a very refreshing and honest take on the world of content marketing.  

5. Greetings from the Grid

greetings from the grid

Greetings from the Grid is written by Seth Clifford, the host of the Iterate podcast about user experience and the founder of Nicklefish, a firm that does everything from design and development to content strategy, with a little bit of app development thrown in for good measure. This blog is a bit more personal than others on this list, but you can feel the enthusiasm for tech in Clifford’s writing, including his thoughts on new products, regular ‘things I like this week’ posts, and features on user experience.  

6. Noupe


This site is for the designers and web developers out there. Noupe’s focus is on design news of all kinds from all over the world. Noupe features content on graphics and typography, advertising, web design, CSS, Ajax, and Javascript. Throw in some great (and sometimes brutally honest) opinion pieces, and this site has you covered for hours of poolside reading.  

Wrap Up

That’s it for good summer reads for now – check back next week to see part two of the list. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’re reading anything great that should be on our radar.

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