Achieve AODA, ADA, Section 504, WCAG Compliance

In most developed countries almost 50% of adults have or have experienced a permanent or temporary physical disability or live with someone who has. Creating digital products that accessible for all is becoming increasingly more important. Accessibility can no longer be an after though, you must always building digital products with accessibility in mind, it allows all individuals, including the 1 in 5 people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, neurological and other disabilities, the power to access it with assistive technology.

This technology comprises of screen readers, Braille encoders, and even devices that can follow eye movement, replacing a keyboard and mouse. The technology advances year after year while users continue to rely on the Internet to follow certain guidelines and function properly.

Digital Accessibility

How We Can Help

We work with a cross-functional team to guide you on the risks and options regarding the best remediation options for your digital project within your target jurisdiction. We take a holistic and pragmatic approach to accessibility that encompasses  design, development, and content to ensure you meet the required compliance. Doing so not only helps an organization avoid legal issues, but also opens your digital project to  millions with disabilities. It's just smart business that we want to promote and assist.

Not Just About Being Sued

It's about building digital products whether that's a website or application that is welcoming to everyone. As more and more people come online you don't want to shut the door on valuable customers because your website or application can't be used by on average 20% of users who have one form impairment that makes utilizing your website or application challenging.

Accessibility is more complex than just advising you on contrast colours and creating simple designs. To build a truly accessible website or application, our team of senior experts in design, development and content work with you to create a roadmap for helping you meet your compliance requirements or build up from scratch. Our experts develop a comprehensive plan that reflects your priorities, and that will ultimately meet your goals. Our accessibility experts will help you:

  • Compliance & Audits - Help you examine where you fit into the compliance framework under various legal requirements and web standards  such as ADA, ACA, AODA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1, EN 301549 and 5568 AA compliance
  • Accessibility Management - our team of experts helps you develop an accessibility statement with an action plan for sustained compliance.
  • Remediation and Enablement - Through our experts we will ensure you meet all your compliance requirements. We also enable your web developers, program managers, and content authors are knowledgeable in best practices to continuously maintain an accessible digital product.
Ontario Association of Architects - Accessible Design Example

How We Do It

Understand Your Conformity Requirement

Our team works closely with your stakeholders to thoroughly understand your conformity level depending on your jurisdiction and which laws apply to your business but also the level of efforts based on the stage of your product lifecycle. 

At this stage we look at your:

  • Legal Jurisdiction - We look at what laws and regulations apply to your business and work on a game plan to implement the necessary remediation efforts to be compliant.
  • Product Review - We assess your digital product and examine the level of effort required to be compliant based on your business needs.

Develop a Compliance Strategy 

In this stage we look at whether you are in a reactive position facing an existing legal action, or are you trying to avoid one? At what point is your digital product in its lifecycle? Should you fix the current site or consider a redesign? We define and create a future-state vision, identify initiatives, and assess the impact and risk of the proposed changes through the creation of journey maps. Using the data we’ve gathered, we identify remediation solutions and create an implementation plan.

During this phase we:

  • Develop digital strategy integrated into all areas of your business
  • Create customer journey maps, customer personas and profiles
  • Build data-driven roadmaps that will transform your business

Plan, Prepare and Execute the Vision 

In this stage we address your position in your digital product's lifescycle. We examine whether a new build is required or fixing your current solution is more feasible. Working with our team of accessibility experts we understand accessibility and the nuances of ADA, ACA, AODA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1, EN 301549 and 5568 AA compliance.

We help you execute your digital vision and implement systems that are in sync with your business objectives. We assist with the procurement and program management of your initiatives. To ensure a smooth transition, we help you integrate the new tools and systems into your processes.

Accessibility Guide

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