Enginess Launches Incredible Digital Platform

Posted / 17 November, 2021

Author / Enginess

Enginess Launches Incredible Digital Platform

Enginess launches Incredible Group's multi-site, multi-experience digital platform.

Incredible Group, which includes divisions, Incredible Play, Incredible Novelties and Incredible Incentives, is a prominent distributor specializing in toys, licensed products, party favours, novelty items and promotional/incentive products Canada and the USA. With three significant divisions, Incredible Group services and supply the most reputable retailers and organizations globally. Incredible Group experienced dramatic growth over the last few years due to strategic retail and wholesale alliances, a strong independent account base, and the infusion of integrating all three corporate divisions into one full-service organization. 

Launching a multi-experience digital platform, each with a unique user experience - Enginess built a user-friendly digital platform for the Incredible team in managing multiple audiences while empowering them with powerful tools and customer management engagement enhancements. The new platform includes a public, corporate website and three gated catalogues designed to support online ordering via a personalized portal experience.  

Advantage CSP was utilized for its strength in creating multi-site, multi-experience digital experiences that include leveraging Advantage CSP's eCommerce solution. 


To view the project, visit: incrediblegroup.com

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