Enginess launches a multi-experience digital presence for Capstone Infrastructure

Posted / 13 April, 2020

Author / Enginess

Enginess launches multi-experience digital presence for Capstone Infrastructure

Enginess worked with Capstone Infrastructure to launch a reinvigorated multi-audience digital experience.

Capstone Infrastructure Corporation is an independent, pure-play power producer focused on providing clean, renewable energy to homes and businesses across North America. Capstone currently develops, owns and operates thermal and renewable power generation facilities with a total installed capacity of 605 megawatts. 

Capstone Infrastructure has trusted Enginess for over 7 years to deliver exceptional digital experiences to its users. When it came time to refresh and reimagine their main digital property, Capstone Infrastructure asked Enginess to take the lead. Enginess worked in developing a new digital experience, information architecture and brand refresh.

Our team developed a thorough technology and content strategy plan. The content strategy led to the redesign of the information architecture, ensuring users could quickly and intuitively access the necessary information on the website. Built on Advantage CSP, Capstone Infrastructure was able to leverage the platform’s multi-experience capabilities to deliver custom experience to multiple audiences. 

To view the project visit: capstoneinfrastructure.com

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