Enginess launches modern digital platform for leading Canadian Pension Fund

Posted / 20 January, 2021

Author / Enginess

Enginess launches modern digital platform for leading Canadian Pension Fund.

Enginess worked with CAAT Pension to create a new digital platform for over 65,000 members.

CAAT is a modern Defined Benefit pension plan and industry-leading innovator in helping more Canadian workplaces and their employees participate in a sustainable pension plan. With over $13.5B in assets and 65,000 members enrolled in their plan, CAAT is seen as one of the most successful plans in Canada. CAAT is highly respected for its successful investment program with growing members and 65 participating employers.

CAAT Pension collaborated with Enginess and our partner Tennis to completely redevelop their Pension sites, to offer their members a unified experience. Over 65,000 members are now afforded an easy-to-navigate design, easily accessible member services and tools.


Enginess worked with CAAT's team to evaluate digital technology platform through a rigorous selection process. CAAT chose Advantage CSP to power their next-generation platform. Through multiple phases, our team worked with CAAT to build a comprehensive roadmap for their redevelopment and consolidation of various CMS platforms into one multi-experience content services platform, Advantage CSP. First, our teams developed a strategy to consolidate and improve their site structure by redesigning their information architecture and new content architecture.


Once we established the design and structure of their new platform, we worked with CAAT to deploy their newly reimagined CAAT Pension Website and integrated pension portal with single-Sign On (SSO) and fully integrated multi-site strategy. Enginess and our partner Tennis delivered a multi-experience digital platform to support CAAT's existing members while creating a foundation that will support their continued growth. 


To view the project, visit: caatpension.ca

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