Enginess launches CAHSS’ new Multi-Network Portal and Reporting Platform

Posted / 27 January, 2021

Author / Enginess

Enginess launches CAHSS’ new digital platform to secure animal health surveillance

Enginess, along with it’s design partner Tennis, launches a new digital platform to advance the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) in their mission to provide a shared national vision leading to effective, responsive, integrated animal health surveillance in Canada.

Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) is a network of animal health surveillance networks that brings together and uses data-driven information to demonstrate animal health, minimize impacts of disease, and guide planning on national animal health priorities.

Enginess, working with our partner Tennis to launch a collaborative platform for CAHSS’ individual network groups to more effectively secure animal health in Canada. The platform seeks to empower members by providing an online space for open, secure data sharing.

Utilizing the Advantage CSP platform, CAHSS was able to leverage the platform's multi-experience capabilities, tools and functionality, to give members the ability to publish content across multiple websites more easily.

With Advantage CSP, CAHHS is able to unlock the value of data sharing and encourage collaborative research innovation. This digitally-enhanced platform fits perfectly within their vision.

To view the project visit: cahss.ca

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